Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Just Words~

On the way home from Washington, we stopped to visit Steve and Sarah Nebel. They are always so gracious to have us in their home, even though the time there is usually limited.
Sarah gave me a beautiful 2009 calendar that she had made for me, each month is graced with a great photo she took over the year. The French toast pie was delicious and the perfect thing for the brisk morning that we left Nebel's.

From there we drove to Wellman to visit my mom at the care center.
She was sitting in the dining area waiting for lunch. She was thrilled to see Spencer and Chandler and couldn't sop hugging and kissing them. Mom enjoyed hearing the boys sing several Christmas carols for her and we read some verses from Psalms together. She loved her Christmas gift of slippers and lotion. She was in a nice mood and wanted to talk. This always makes for a nice visit. It was hard for me to leave this time.
After seeing mom, we drove to West DesMoines and stopped for lunch at Matt's Aunt Carol and Uncle Ron's. We had a nice visit with them, catching up on family news and reminiscing of years ago. I love those great stories about when Matt was little and oh so naughty! Thank you for such a wonderful time, Ron and Carol.

Christmas this year was special. We never regret the busy time, because it always involves being with the ones you love. Nothing is more important than family. That is why making memories is a big focus of my life. I am thankful for each and every member of my family, Jaquis', Schaefer's, Frier's..... I know how much God has blessed me for allowing them to be part of my life.

Now a new year has begun. I have goals this year. I want to learn more. I pray God helps me to be used for Him, daily...on good days and bad... even in small ways. Happy New Year!!

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