Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~Taste of Warmth and Fall~

Love making fall cut-out cookies. This year I went with pumpkins, leaves and little ghosts.

Ahhh, the colors.

And afterward a little pumpkin latte' Okay it's not Starbucks, but mine is pretty darn good.

I love this season! It is my absolute favorite and every year, I say I wish it would stay fall longer instead of moving so fast into winter.

I long for more time to just write and capture all the emotion that autumn brings to me. I will do my best to post pictures, amature though they be. And I will also try to write more often than I have in the past.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~A Cheerful Heart Does Good Like Medicine ~

Sarah and me had such a great time while we were in Boston, that we wanted to document some of the more hilarious moments with the our readers. Please note that while we think almost anything is worth a laugh, we are giggly and very tired girls. May you get a giggle of your own. Laughter is, as they say, contagious.

Becca and Sarah in Boston from Sarah Nebel on Vimeo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

~Been A While~

So I know I haven't blogged in what...seven months? Things have been very busy. New job, more responsibility, lots of running here and there with the Spencer and Chandler, and trying to squeeze in every spare moment so I can spend time with Matt and the boys. All these things have made blogging take a bit of back seat. I have missed it.

So as not to ramble and not wanting to overwhelm the reader, I would rather write about the now, instead of playing catch up.

A few months ago, Sarah and I decided to take a fun "girls just wanna have fun" trip together. Sometimes little breaks in the middle of a fast pace is a big must. After much talking and doing a little homework on locations, we decided on Boston as our destination. BOSTON BABY!

It is so funny how the lead up to a big trip like this is half the excitement. I mean, the planning, packing, booking of reservations and oh yes, all the shoes to make room for in the luggage. (I packed ten pair for 5 days.) Then the big day comes. It is like being back in grade school with all the emotion.

Sarah arrived at my house Thursday early evening. I had worked all week and Thursday after work, I rushed home to get the last minute packing done. Our flight was to depart at 5:40am Friday, so an early bedtime was key.
I had to kiss and hug Spencer and Chandler goodbye at bedtime since of course they would be sleeping when we left. Sad.
Matt sweetly got up the next morning to see us off. Talk about devotion!

The routine after that is the basic. Check bags, security, wait at the gate, board, sit, taxi, sit, taxi, sit, fly, and yawn like crazy to pop those ears.
We booked our seats together but we actually sat across the aisle from each other. I asked the guy sitting by me if he would be willing to switch seats with Sarah, but he wanted a window. Even though, it was crazy early, we still found things to talk about on that dark, quiet passenger plane. I think we talked too much b/c the guy beside me eventually said Sarah could just have his seat. It was one of those very funny moments to us. But maybe you had to be there.

We had a very long (three hour) layover in Milwaukee and then boarded our second plane to Boston. Oh my word, on the second plane, we got fresh baked homemade chocolate chip cookies. Two! We got two cookies each! It was the happiest flight I had ever been on. Sarah and me were stunned at how a warm cookie could make everyone on that plane smile a little bit, even the grouchy passengers.

Because we had to fly over the harbor and a very small part of the Atlantic, it was a teensy bit nerve racking as we landed. The plane banked hard and I prepared to endure a watery grave. But alas, my fears were again in vain and we had a happy, slightly bumpy, but safe landing on the runway. The water was another thing that brought those passengers together. It just is so interesting to watch complete strangers all stare out the window at the same big blue-green expanse of water. Makes me smile just thinking about it. Sarah and me just kept saying "WE'RE IN BOSTON!!" It was obvious we were from the mid-west.

Airport, baggage claim, green ribbons. The green ribbons will be something to look forward to on a later post.
We called for a shuttle and soon we were at our hotel.
Scoped out the sights of the hotel floor by floor. And I know we came here to have a super fun time. But after all the traveling, we were beat and decided to get a bite to eat and then for the rest of our night, we relaxed and planned out our week.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to take this wonderful trip with a wonderful friend. Many adventures yet to come.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~A Weekend Away~

Two weeks ago, we cleared our schedules and took the weekend off from normal routine. We didn't wander far from home, which ended up being really great.
We ventured out and headed for downtown Omaha.
There we stayed two nights at the Hilton and slept the weekend away. Well... sort of

No cleaning required for me. Little things make me happy, like the shampoo and conditioners they provide. The ones here were from Crabtree and Evelyn. Yes, I took them home!

The hotel is directly joined to the Omaha Quest Center. Saturday afternoon, we went the Creighton basketball game. Go Jays!

Restaurant...I didn't have to cook
Luxury lounge... I didn't have to use my daytimer.

Great designs and art...lots of inspiration for me.

~A Little Relaxation-poolside~

Spencer and Chandler had such fun racing against time-and each other!
The backstroke...or something that resembles it.

Okay, I know Spencer looks leg-less and one-arm-less. Funny.

~Floral Beauty~

Had some friends over for Sunday lunch. This is a lovely arrangement they gave us.

Monday, February 23, 2009

~Chocolate Day Cont.~

We ended our fun and memorable day by having supper at P.F. Changs.
Neither one of us had ever been and both have vowed to go again.

~A Very Chocolate Day~

Saturday was such a fun girls day! I picked up Rhonda and we went downtown to the Durham. Right now they have a Chocolate Exhibition on loan from the Field Museum in Chicago. It is a thorough history on all things chocolate. It takes you from the growing process of the "cacoa" seed in the rainforest to the introduction of the luscious treat we have today.

The gift shop display of chocolate jewelry was exquisite~ though not edible and NOT in my price range.

It was really neat to see all of the familiar treats and how far we have come, even in the appearance of the wrappers.
Remember those tin molds in the shape of eggs and hens and little trains? They had those on display, it was so nostalgic.
Cadbury and Nestle' are some of the familiar names we read about who made millions on their delectable delights.

Hello Rhonda. Now entering the zone of bliss...

I am always awe struck at the architecture and design of this marvelous building.

~Put the Kettle On~

I love my new red KitchenAid tea pot. Matt surprised me and got it for me as a little something for happy heart day.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"1. Lucky - Jason Mraz"

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is the napkin from the Signature Room, I cannot believe I saved it!

...But the greatest of these is love

~Call Me Sentimental~

The other day I came upon a couple shoe boxes in the back of my closet.
However rather than shoes, the contents of the boxes were old letters, notes, cards, pictures and so forth. Some were drawings Spencer and Chandler had made for me when they were very tiny. Also amongst the treasure trove, were several Valentine cards Matt and I had exchanged~some dating 13 years ago!
As I sat on the edge of the bed and read them, for a few minutes, time seemed to stand still. I was taken back in time. It is difficult to even put into words how I felt. Some of the cards made me laugh out loud, others made me sigh and smile.

It was on Valentines Day 1996, that Matt first said those "3 little words" to me for the very first time. I know, I know Valentines' Day is such a Hallmark holiday and it is so cliche' to say "I love you" to a girlfriend for the first time on that day.

'Twas on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building in Chicago, with a jazz band playing in the background, that we had that first Valentine's day together.
I think back and laugh, because when Matt told me he loved me, I couldn't hear him over the music. I proceeded to LOUDLY say, "huh?!?"
Poor guy, he probably wanted to crawl quietly away from me.

But he didn't, he stayed, I stayed and we have been together for 13 amazing years. God is so goodto me! I have been blessed with love. And as Valentines Day approaches, and as those cards go back in the boxes, and as I store those past memories, I grab on to the present and the future and the promise of many more sweet memories.
I know this may be silly, and sentimental to write about, but to me it is how I am feeling tonight, and isn't that what blogging is all about anyway?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Just Words~

On the way home from Washington, we stopped to visit Steve and Sarah Nebel. They are always so gracious to have us in their home, even though the time there is usually limited.
Sarah gave me a beautiful 2009 calendar that she had made for me, each month is graced with a great photo she took over the year. The French toast pie was delicious and the perfect thing for the brisk morning that we left Nebel's.

From there we drove to Wellman to visit my mom at the care center.
She was sitting in the dining area waiting for lunch. She was thrilled to see Spencer and Chandler and couldn't sop hugging and kissing them. Mom enjoyed hearing the boys sing several Christmas carols for her and we read some verses from Psalms together. She loved her Christmas gift of slippers and lotion. She was in a nice mood and wanted to talk. This always makes for a nice visit. It was hard for me to leave this time.
After seeing mom, we drove to West DesMoines and stopped for lunch at Matt's Aunt Carol and Uncle Ron's. We had a nice visit with them, catching up on family news and reminiscing of years ago. I love those great stories about when Matt was little and oh so naughty! Thank you for such a wonderful time, Ron and Carol.

Christmas this year was special. We never regret the busy time, because it always involves being with the ones you love. Nothing is more important than family. That is why making memories is a big focus of my life. I am thankful for each and every member of my family, Jaquis', Schaefer's, Frier's..... I know how much God has blessed me for allowing them to be part of my life.

Now a new year has begun. I have goals this year. I want to learn more. I pray God helps me to be used for Him, daily...on good days and bad... even in small ways. Happy New Year!!

~Christmas in Iowa~

We always look forward to our annual Frier Christmas. Aunt Pris always has the house decorated so beautifully. And all the kids, big and small, can hardly wait for the Hunt of the Nativity. I think there ended up being 39 total nativities all over the house.
Part of the excitment is when we are sitting around talking and we hear the back door open. It is so fun to get up and greet the next family who has arrived. I call the area between the kitchen and dining room the "hugging zone" as every one takes their turn greeting and hugging the new arrivals with their luggage in hand.
Once everyone gets settled in, we all catch up on each others goings on over the past year. Sometimes I just sit back and take it all in. I can hardly believe where time goes when I see and hear of all the travels and schooling and lives in general of my cousins. (sniff) I am so proud of them all!
For Christmas dinner, we traditionally have had chili and oyster stew. This is completed with relish trays, tortilla wraps, cookies, candies and crackers and cheese. All the beauty comes together as it is all served on the blue Starry Night Wachtersbach dishes. This year, however, much of the hard work and dish washing was eliminated as we all 27 of us went out to dinner. Thank you so much Aunt Pris and Uncle Jim! What a nice surprise that was!
Our annual "program" is after dinner and clean up are over. Many moons ago, I was one of the ones who was displayed to sing or play a Tannenbaum song on the piano. Those years are happily long past. Now, it is my children who I encourage to get up and use their talents for the Lord. This year, Chandler played a piano solo and Spencer did a violin solo. They also sang "Love Reached Down" as a duet. Trilby and Angelique played and sang as well. And what an accompianest Trilby is! Keep up the great work!
Following the program, we read the Christmas story and pray. Then come the dozens and dozens of presents. What a wonderful time we had together.

Grandpa and Chandler

Chandler always loves the decorations of Grammie Frier's house. He took a few of these pictures.

Aunt Pris, Sandy and Marcia

Uncle Jim, Tom, and Nate

My favorite are the antique decorations on this tree . The red hots were gone again from the drum.

~Games and more~

Chandler was eagerly anticipating his turn in the white elephant. This look was too great to pass up with out a few clicks from my camera.
Some of these moments were hilarious. We were all cracking up at the affects that Wii boxing has on these two guy's hips. I am not sure if they were boxing or dancing.

Tom had to hand over the sweet basketball he scored in the gift exchange. I think the basketball was a great idea. The best gifts are the ones that everyone has their eye on and that was the case here. Tyler ended up being the lucky winner!

The Leppert family.
From the left, Wilson, Jeff, Beth, Tyler, Alex and Bryn.
Thanks for coming out here guys!