Thursday, January 1, 2009

~Christmas in Iowa~

We always look forward to our annual Frier Christmas. Aunt Pris always has the house decorated so beautifully. And all the kids, big and small, can hardly wait for the Hunt of the Nativity. I think there ended up being 39 total nativities all over the house.
Part of the excitment is when we are sitting around talking and we hear the back door open. It is so fun to get up and greet the next family who has arrived. I call the area between the kitchen and dining room the "hugging zone" as every one takes their turn greeting and hugging the new arrivals with their luggage in hand.
Once everyone gets settled in, we all catch up on each others goings on over the past year. Sometimes I just sit back and take it all in. I can hardly believe where time goes when I see and hear of all the travels and schooling and lives in general of my cousins. (sniff) I am so proud of them all!
For Christmas dinner, we traditionally have had chili and oyster stew. This is completed with relish trays, tortilla wraps, cookies, candies and crackers and cheese. All the beauty comes together as it is all served on the blue Starry Night Wachtersbach dishes. This year, however, much of the hard work and dish washing was eliminated as we all 27 of us went out to dinner. Thank you so much Aunt Pris and Uncle Jim! What a nice surprise that was!
Our annual "program" is after dinner and clean up are over. Many moons ago, I was one of the ones who was displayed to sing or play a Tannenbaum song on the piano. Those years are happily long past. Now, it is my children who I encourage to get up and use their talents for the Lord. This year, Chandler played a piano solo and Spencer did a violin solo. They also sang "Love Reached Down" as a duet. Trilby and Angelique played and sang as well. And what an accompianest Trilby is! Keep up the great work!
Following the program, we read the Christmas story and pray. Then come the dozens and dozens of presents. What a wonderful time we had together.

Grandpa and Chandler

Chandler always loves the decorations of Grammie Frier's house. He took a few of these pictures.

Aunt Pris, Sandy and Marcia

Uncle Jim, Tom, and Nate

My favorite are the antique decorations on this tree . The red hots were gone again from the drum.

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