Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~A Weekend Away~

Two weeks ago, we cleared our schedules and took the weekend off from normal routine. We didn't wander far from home, which ended up being really great.
We ventured out and headed for downtown Omaha.
There we stayed two nights at the Hilton and slept the weekend away. Well... sort of

No cleaning required for me. Little things make me happy, like the shampoo and conditioners they provide. The ones here were from Crabtree and Evelyn. Yes, I took them home!

The hotel is directly joined to the Omaha Quest Center. Saturday afternoon, we went the Creighton basketball game. Go Jays!

Restaurant...I didn't have to cook
Luxury lounge... I didn't have to use my daytimer.

Great designs and art...lots of inspiration for me.

~A Little Relaxation-poolside~

Spencer and Chandler had such fun racing against time-and each other!
The backstroke...or something that resembles it.

Okay, I know Spencer looks leg-less and one-arm-less. Funny.

~Floral Beauty~

Had some friends over for Sunday lunch. This is a lovely arrangement they gave us.