Thursday, January 1, 2009

~The Jaquis family is here!~

Every year, my brothers and sisters try to get together for Christmas at one of our homes. This year, every one headed to Omaha and we celebrated at my house. Missed you Jane and Bill!
My brother, Bob is a fabulous cook and really helped me in the kitchen. We decided on Bengali fare. I made traditional chicken curry. And Bob made a beef curry. The cow is sacred in Bangladesh and therefore I think we broke a big rule by eating Bob's curry. It was wonderful along with the jasmine rice.
Bob also made a cucumber yogurt salad with toasted cumin. And I made a chutney and current cheese spread. For some of the kids, we had good old American sandwiches and chips and of course there were plenty of goodies. Thank you so much, to my siblings for helping with all the food.

These are a few of the spices I added to my curry. I like mild to medium spice temperature, hence the small amount of red pepper on the plate.

Bob cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

Most of the first cousin posed patiently for all our flashing cameras. We love and missed you Peter, Ross, Justin and Evan!

My nephew, Brandon is ever growing. He 11 years old, just two months older than Spencer. His height now exceeds my own. Yes, I know that doesn't take whole lot.

Chandler and Abigail are good friends. It is always so much fun to have cousins come to play.

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