Monday, February 23, 2009

~A Very Chocolate Day~

Saturday was such a fun girls day! I picked up Rhonda and we went downtown to the Durham. Right now they have a Chocolate Exhibition on loan from the Field Museum in Chicago. It is a thorough history on all things chocolate. It takes you from the growing process of the "cacoa" seed in the rainforest to the introduction of the luscious treat we have today.

The gift shop display of chocolate jewelry was exquisite~ though not edible and NOT in my price range.

It was really neat to see all of the familiar treats and how far we have come, even in the appearance of the wrappers.
Remember those tin molds in the shape of eggs and hens and little trains? They had those on display, it was so nostalgic.
Cadbury and Nestle' are some of the familiar names we read about who made millions on their delectable delights.

Hello Rhonda. Now entering the zone of bliss...

I am always awe struck at the architecture and design of this marvelous building.

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