Saturday, October 25, 2008

~Memory Lane~

Spencer is sensitive and serious. Long ago, he told us he wanted to be an architect or do something in the field of electricity. That has never changed. He is determined-that can be a good and a bad thing. His memory is amazing. Sometimes, I regret that when he reminds me of something I said. Yikes! And what a voice...
Bragging rights are reserved for moms. Besides, focusing on the positive is what blogging is for anyway, right?

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So..... Yep, Spencer loves music, always has, always will!
Okay, the duckie was one of the first plush toys Spencer was given. HE STILL HAS IT! Oh, and the tape player with attached mic. was just a hint of what was to come.

Awww!!! Getting a little love from G'pa Schaefer.This look is priceless.

Love those plastic covered books, they sustained many a gnaw and a drool!

With so many friends of mine having new little ones recently, well it caused me to really think back to when my own were that small. I miss it! Nope, not having more, but there are those times when I would love to turn the proverbial clock back to when my babies were just that...babies, the small hands as they curl around a finger, the tiny little toothless mouth. That just makes me smile to think of it! The magical laughter coming from another room.
Here are a few pictures I found of Spencer moments. I got a little emotional as I sorted through the many photos, thinking back to those precious days. All those comments from grandmothers, aunts, moms, older sisters, friends with mom experience...they really are true. Cherish every day, they really do grow up SO fast!!!
Two month old Spencer is sitting with his cousins, Wilson, Tyler and Bryn Leppert. Sorry, Alex! You were only a dream at this time!

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